Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Morbid greetings all...for now none! hahaha

Tis my first attempt at this thing. Please kind readers, be patient with moi. My hair is heavy and killing braincells as we speak.
This will be the beginnings of my tome, the place I rant and cry, praise and prioratize, create and condemn. At times it will be scary, as the rants of most manic depressive, OCD, bi-polar victims is.
But I am a creator as well, a little bit of everything and nothing. I like to recant stories of family and friends past, at times I will change the names of the guilty, others- to 'ell with em!
A bit of a social butterfly, my weekends are full of parties, festivals and events. If so inclined, I may share some of the moments with you. Now don't judge-we all have skeletons in our closets, I just happen to wear mine for all to see. Being as I stepped out of the box and never plan to go back in, unless they take me away again. j/k or am I? We all have our scars, I just happen to like letting my freak flag fly-example-I have a prominate CIRCUS FREAK tattoo on my upper arm. Hey, you get called a freak enough- you start to believe it, in my case-embrace it-and run like 'ell with it!
Now on to other business-I make things, I am not so dedicated to my creative urges as I used to be-my dream is to have my own private room again- a space to call me own, so I can make one of a kind items for the morbidly inclined-without interruption. Music blasting, dancing as I paint or smash n tear...but in hiding so as bad men in white don't take me away. Don't you wish you had a place to just scream? Throw things? In the safety of your own space? *sigh* Someday again I will have such bliss.
Well dear readers, that is all for now. Stay tuned for more tomes of the morbidly inclined, I do so hope you visit again.


  1. In sooth, I love my old blogspot more than all of MySpace and Facebook together.......

  2. Great post and so nice to meet you, Morbidly Inclined. I do have a "shadow room", mostly in my head and now recapturing my creative spirit. You remind me of how much I love my brokenness, it lets the light come in. Blessings.

  3. Hey, congrats on your new blog! I hope you will enjoy it...sounds like you will be quite interesting!